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We  are  seasoned  professionals with  extensive knowledge in  manufacturing a  wide  range  of products.  We  value  the  world  we  live  in and  are using our skills to help the world. 


We are a direct factory to customer provider. We source through our network in China, Vietnam, India etc to offer the best and most efficient order process.
Our team of production, sourcing, QC and designers are dedicated to making us a Full Service, Direct Source.

Our Customers:

We work with Large Retailers, Medical Distributors, Nursing Homes, Senior Centers, Government Offices etc.

We are fully compliant with all FDA, CE, NDC regulations.

** Our Minimums: 300,000 units per item

** Payment Terms: 50% Advance, 50% - 3 days prior to order shipping

** Delivery: 12-15 days (Standard Packing)

from date deposit is received.

** All Orders Ship FOB Factory

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Elie Levy, CEO : el@sportlifebrands.com

Eddie Dayan, CMO : Ed@sportlifebrands.com

Michael Kassin, President : Michael@sportlifebrands.com

Allan Sasson, SVP: Allan@Foreverbeautyny.com

General: Sales@cleanfusiontech.com

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